Sunday, July 1, 2012


Our subversive ways of life and thought have become intractable to those who keep us confined to these contemptible cages: our captors.

In this clandestine world of stone walls and steel doors, where an undesirable type of thickness languishes in the arid atmosphere, we prisoners have ingenuously created our own subcultural ways to live from day to day, even under the most extreme conditions, where in one form or another, many miscellaneous acts of inhumanity and degradation are constantly being imposed upon us.

Our captors see the strength and the passion that unceasingly remains, the flicker of life veiled behind our angered eyes that blink with an edge of vengeance and asperity. Our captors are not only awed by this magnificent strength and resiliency; paradoxically they also despise it, because it stands as a constant reminder of their own inferiority; knowing that they themselves could never have the stamina to endure half of the things we’ve been forced to endure. And the more they’re reminded, the more brutal and condescending they become, as they try and try to break us.

Evidently, what is not understood is often feared, and in this case, their fear leads to suppression. Naively and erroneously, they believe that their suppression is going to lead to our submission, yet contrarily, the more they suppress, the more fiercely we cling to our warriors way of life… The more recalcitrant we become.